About Us


Professional and Expert in Printing and Designing

Skyline Signs is a sign/ promotional/ visibility making company that was established in 2000. It specializez in design prints, outdoors, promotionalmaterialss and general supplies. Skyline signs has well trained workforce 10 permanent and 10 part time fast working professionals experience in designing, printing and quality control. our sales and marketing director and lead consultant Mr.Odongo Joseph has worked with a number of leading companies over a long period of time.


We have over years managed to raise a hybrid of experienced and qualified staff that will always perform to utmost perfection. This is done mainly because of the experienced leadership that we have at the top. Our staff are trained and oriented on how important customer satisfaction is to the success of the bussiness


To be the leading company in sign making, and producer of customized promotional materials.


  • To offer excellent printing services and high quality promotional products.
  • To provide large format digital printing services in one stop shop.
  • To improve the standards of outdoor advertising by using the state of the Art Roland pro digital Large Format printer using Waterbased Eco Solvet ink *weather resistant inks for outdoors).
Our History

Brand Identity

2000 - To date

Our Most Efficient Year

We have been the Design and print field for agreat period of time which has earned alot of Clients. This because of the brand identity exhibited widening the brand visibility country wide.

Core Business

Promotional Materials
Outdoors (Signs)
General Supplies